Here are some links that have been very helpful for both traditional and digital scrapbooking (I love it!)

Free shipping on calendars

Scrapbooking & Photography
Free tips on scrapbooking, card making, various tools used in scrapbooking and crafting, along with free photography tips on infrared, moon photogaphy, extended exposure, filters and tips on gneral photography.

Sewing and Crafts
This website will hopefully aid you in finding informational materials on a variety of crafts including sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, plastic canvas, quilting, beadwork, needlepoint and related needlework. I have been doing a number of crafts for more than sixty years. I am also left-handed so I can give some tips to those who may have trouble reading patterns written by and for for right-handers. The materials included are pattern sources, supplies sources, and publications – both hard cover and online.

Christian Arts & Crafts
A place where Christians can find arts and crafts to aid them in their Sunday Schools, Womens Groups and Church work.

Quilting Machines, Fabrics,Patterns
Give information on quilting/sewing machines, fabrics, patterns, how to, also tips on simple craft projects when not quilting

Start your own Company Online
FREE step by step help guide on how to start your own online business and make money online advertising affiliate products or drop shipping products.

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