This is why we do it, this why you should do it.

1. Get those photos out of the shoe boxes!

Come on! In the words of Nicey Nash, “Get rid of the foolishness!”. The more time passes, the more damage your photos are in danger of acquiring.

2. Get the photos out of the folder jungle in your computer!

Going digital has made things much easier, BUT, in the end, if you don’t get to printing your photos the computer is just a way more expensive shoe box.

3. Your photos are special, you took the pictures to look at them, get through #1 and #2 and showcase your photos with all those great paper kits and embellishments you’ve purchased and keep purchasing and don’t use (see #4). (Same goes for you digital scrapbookers!)

4. Scrapbooking kits, papers, embellishments and tools just get cuter and cuter. Isn’t it hard to “just look” when you’re in the scrapbooking store? I know you’ve got lots of stuff already. USE IT!!!!! That way you can make room for new stuff and minimize the clutter in your scrapbooking corner.

5. Scrapbooking is rewarding.

Once you’ve finished a page it’s just satisfying. You’ve saved your photo from damage. The moments you’ve captured have been beautified. The memories are there for all to see. Your album becomes an heirloom.

Of course there are many other reasons why you should scrapbook, but give these top 5 reasons a whirl and you could easily get to another of my favorite reasons to scrapbook….get your pages published!

Be inspired! Happy Scrapping!

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