For several months I’ve been in contact with Graphtec, the manufacturers of the Craft Robo, and a few weeks ago I got the long anticipated email announcing the release of Craft Robo II. I immediately was on the hunt for the cheapest offer. I stumbled upon Specialty Graphics who had a great FREE shipping offer and I bought the crafty machine for $299 flat.

How exciting!!! Although I would have preferred to get it a few months sooner to create really cute baby shower invitations for my sister, the timing was almost perfect, I’m using it now for labels and signs I have to create for a Youth Camp that’s coming up during Spring Break.

Let me tell you a little secret, the Craft Robo is exactly the same as Xyron’s Wishblade diecutter!!!! Again, I stumbled upon this info while searching for help setting up the Craft Robo whose instructions, in my opinion, are not at all helpful. See, the tips and tricks you’ll find for the Wishblade are PERFECT for the Craft Robo Once I was able to apply what I learned, I fell even more in love with my Craft Robo!

It really is a great machine!

I run the Craft Robo on my MAC. I use Illustrator to create everything and anything, print it out on my inkjet printer, line it up on the Craft Robo and from the software click “CUT” and off it goes! It’s a thing of beauty. The possibilities are endless!

One last thing, the Craft Robo is CHEAPER than the Wishblade!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! What a relief! I found out after I purchased the Craft Robo….hee hee hee.

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