Ok, is anyone freaking out about the discontinuation of Kokuyo brand adhesives????!!!!

Aaaahhh!!!!! I sure am!

I finally found an adhesive that works practically on everything and now I have to start the search again!!!

How frustrating!

I know some of my scrapbooking pals are upset about the end of Kokuyo adhesives as well, so I thought I’d post about this dilemma and see what adhesives you are using.

For years I’ve used Hermafix, mainly the double-sided squares in the dispenser, and they work really well, except when it comes to using Bazzill cardstock and then that’s where Kokuyo came in and worked like a wonder!!! Sniff, sniff…

So, please comment. Let me know what’s your favorite adhesive(s). I’ll post a summary or a list from 1 to 10 and hopefully this will help us all to keep scrapbooking fun not frustrating.

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