Wacky Buddies CD

Wacky Buddies – Download – Paper Piecing Patterns Collection

EXCLUSIVE!!!! Each pattern has separate SVG files, one per paper color! No more wasting paper! Cut the pieces you need, in the colors you need them.

Each pattern comes in the following formats: AI, PDF and SVG

Wacky Buddies includes the following:

  • Wacky Cow
  • Wacky Duck
  • Wacky Elephant
  • Wacky Frog
  • Wacky Giraffe
  • Wacky Hippo
  • Wacky Lion
  • Wacky Monkey
  • Wacky Mouse
  • Wacky Penguin
  • Wacky Pig
  • Wacky Rabbit
  • Wacky Squirrel
  • Wacky Carrot
  • Wacky Cheese

Designed by Cristy O. of Memories by Kiki™.

©2009-2015 Memories by Kiki™. All rights reserved.

Wacky Buddies - Download
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