Mini-Album Idea from ZutterHere’s a really great way to save money by creating your own scrapbook albums! Have your heard of the Bind-It-All from Zutter? It’s awesome!

What is it?

It’s a binding machine. But not just an ordinary binding machine, this one will punch and bind allowing you to create your own books, journals, calendars, craft projects and most importantly scrapbooks of any size!

Mini-Album Idea from Zutter.

Don’t let it’s compact size fool you. It can punch through regular paper, cardstock, chipboard, corkboard, acetate, acrylic, fabric, and incredibly through CDs!!!!

The possiblities are endless!!! I don’t think I’ll be buying any more mini-albums, I’ll make them myself!! This is soooooo exciting!!! I’m a gadget girl, but, my gadgets have to save me money either immediately or in the long run and this is one cool, money saving gadget!

Know what else is wonderful about the Bind-It-All? There are no replacement blades to buy!!!! The blades are self-sharpening!!! Woohoo!!! About all you’d need to purchase as an “extra” are the spiral wires for binding, but, you don’t even need to purchase those unless you want to. Instead you can use ribbon, yarn, shoe strings, leather, paper clips, etc. to bind your albums or craft projects!!!! That deserves another WOOHOO!!!

I highly recommend the Bind-It-All. Think of the possibilities.


Happy Scrapping!

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