If you like to doodle here’s a great way to do it and have it cut it out at the same time to add more detail to your scrapbook layouts. Using Fiskar’s Craft Knife Fingertip you can now cut as you doodle. You hold it just like you would a pen except that it cuts rather than draw! This is an easy way to make your layouts unique. If you prefer a more symmetrical look use a stencil to draw out your doodle then cut it out with scissors, but remember, your pages are more personalized and special using the freehand method.

This tool is also great when you have to cut duplicates of things like letters or flowers or other embellishment for a project you want to look uniform. It’s easy on your hands, less tiring than using scissors.

Here’s what it looks like:

The cheapest I’ve seen it at is $3.59 on Create for Less.

Sizzling Summer Sale

  1. Cristy says:

    You just gotta try this tool if you haven’t already!! I think it’s great for paper piecing, especially when creating new patterns or working with intricate patterns you have a bit more control than with scissors.

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